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ITANAGAR, Oct 5:  The apex body of the Adi tribe-- Adi Bane Kebang (ABK) has condemned the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) paper leak incident and sought action against all the accused. It also said that a particular community must not be blamed for the actions of few individuals.
The community based organisation said that corruption of any sort cannot and should not be tolerated at any cost in society. Condemning the  leak of question papers of the AE (Civil) conducted by the APPSC, it demanded for stringent punishments against all the persons involved, from top to bottom in the hierarchy of the APPSC or any government establishment whichever is accused of involving in corrupt practices for any kind of recruitment.
Addressing media persons at the press club today, Mibom Pertin, Vice President (Protocol) ABK said, "We would also like to put the record straight that the Adi community like all other communities of the state aspires for an Arunachal which is free of corruption, where only merit shall be the criteria for healthy competition in all spheres of life. ABK absolutely stands in firm solidarity with the student community and the people of Arunachal Pradesh in its aspiration for a free and secured society, free from corruption and with zero tolerance towards any sorts of corrupt practices." 
The organisation further added that corruption affects all and a particular community must not be singled out for the actions of a few.
"We are all equally victimized whenever any corrupt action takes place. Corruption is done for private profiteering; it is inherently individualistic in its form and nature. It always takes place for private interest, for the purpose of personal gratifications. Therefore, there is absolutely no room for blaming any particular community as a whole for the illegal transactions between private individuals undertaken for illegal personal gratifications," Pertin said.
 ABK also demanded students found to be involved, be permanently barred from participating in future competitive examination conducted for any government job under the State Government. Further, all illegal proceeds be seized and all grafts and ill-gotten properties be auctioned off by the government.
The announcement to hand over the recent AE(Civil) exam paper leak case to the CBI be conducted and extended in respect to possible links and possibility of illegalities even in the past examinations, especially wherever close kins and family members of the accused have been selected, it said.

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