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ITANAGAR, May 24: The Arunachal Indigenous Students Union (AISU) has submitted a formal request to the national chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), JP Nadda  emphasizing the need to select a Chief Minister for Arunachal Pradesh who truly represents the indigenous communities of the state. This appeal comes in light of the BJP's expected victory and subsequent government formation in the state following the recent elections.
In a letter addressed to the BJP National President, the AISU highlighted the critical need for a leader who understands and upholds the traditions and cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh's native communities. The union pointed out that the BJP has received robust support from various indigenous faith groups, including nature worshippers, Buddhists, Hindus, and Vaishnavists, during the elections. However, they expressed concerns over the influence of Christian groups who have openly opposed BJP candidates in key parliamentary constituencies.
The AISU voiced its dissatisfaction with the current state government, accusing it of neglecting the interests of indigenous faith believers. According to the union, since the BJP took power in 2016, there has been a growing sense of alienation and insecurity among indigenous communities. They allege that the government has failed to protect their cultural heritage and traditions, which are increasingly under threat from external religious influences.
The letter detailed several grievances, including the government's perceived favoritism towards non-indigenous religious groups. The AISU cited examples such as funding for the construction of churches and mosques, participation in Christian mass healing crusades, and attempts to repeal the Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 1978, as evidence of this bias.
The union warned that continued neglect of indigenous concerns could lead to social and religious discord in the state, which has thus far been known for its peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures.
In conclusion, the AISU urged the BJP leadership to appoint a Chief Minister who is deeply rooted in the indigenous heritage of Arunachal Pradesh, capable of addressing the genuine concerns of the native communities, and committed to preserving their cultural identity.

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