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ITANAGAR, May 29 :  In a concerted effort to address growing concerns over rabies and to ensure proper registration of pet animals, the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC), in collaboration with the Health Department and local NGOs, has made several important resolutions.
Speaking to the media, Mayor  Tamme Phassang reassured the public of the ongoing efforts by senior officers and cooperative wards to tackle the rabies issue, which has become a significant concern for citizens. He acknowledged that while rabies is not a new problem, the recent surge in cases has necessitated immediate and decisive action.
Mayor highlighted the vital role of NGOs such as Arunachal Dogs and Cats Rescue, which are working diligently to ensure the safety of both animals and humans. He urged the people of the state to support these efforts in any way possible. He also mentioned that some groups tasked with addressing this issue have not been functioning optimally and stressed the need for coordinated action.
Looking ahead, Mayor Phassang disclosed plans to advocate for a state policy on rabies control and pet registration once the new government is formed. A key component of this strategy involves the registration of all dogs in the region. This initiative aims to identify and document all dog species and their populations, which is crucial for controlling the spread of rabies.
Reflecting on past efforts to manage animals like cows and pigs in public areas, which were hampered by a lack of public cooperation,he appealed to both the public and government officials to work together for successful implementation of these new measures. He extended his support to NGOs and urged them to continue their efforts.
Techi John, a member of Arunachal Dogs and Cats Rescue NGO, also spoke at the briefing, appealing to citizens to verify the authenticity of news before sharing it. He emphasized the importance of Animal Birth Control (ABC) as a humane solution to control the stray animal population, stating that mass culling is not an acceptable approach. He further urged the public not to abandon their pets as they age, underscoring the responsibilities of pet ownership.

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