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Roing, May 26: In a remarkable display of environmental consciousness, volunteers from all walks of life came together to participate in the Himalayan clean-up drive at Lower Dibang Valley. The programme was was organised by AMYAA in collaboration with AIMSU, DUDA, among others.
The clean-up drive was kick-off at DUDA viewpoint, a site seeing and recreational hotspot in Roing.  The participants meticulously gathered and segregated different types of waste, ranging from plastic bottles and wrappers to non-biodegradable items. Polythene plastic bags or poly bags was found to be the highest quantity of waste scattered throughout the area.
Alongside the clean-up efforts, awareness and education programs was also organized to instill a sense of responsibility among the participants. The initiative was mainly aimed to promote sustainable practices such as reducing plastic waste and practicing responsible civic individual. The participants of the cleanliness drive were also encouraged to adopt responsible practices while exploring the scenic beauty of the mountains and rivers of the Himalayan range, this includes minimizing the use of single-use plastics, carrying reusable water bottles, and properly disposing of waste in designated bins.
Bethem Marai, a team member of AMYAA currently working as Wipro Earthian Educator in Lower Dibang Valley and also the main host of the campaign said “The clean-up drive was organized to take a significant step towards preserving the fragile ecosystem of the majestic mountain range, river and landscape of Roing. By removing tons of waste, we are not only restoring the natural beauty of the region but also safeguarding wildlife habitats and preventing further environmental degradation.  The campaign serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve the wonders of our planet. With the collective efforts of volunteers from all walks of life, we are not only witnessing a cleaner and greener Roing but also responsible citizen who have sense of awareness and commitment for sustainability future."
On conclusion TEAM AMYAA give thanks to all the volunteers for their active participation and the generous donors namely Dr Jichu Pulu, Shri. Tony Saring (JE DUDA), AIMSU, Pulu Print Solution, AMBEYA SHG.

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