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Lohit district today became the first district in the entire state to launch energy efficient LED Bulbs and LED tubes at subsidized rates under UJALA Yojana scheme of Government of India. With this, 9W LED bulbs and 20 W LED tube lights will now cost a minimal 70 and 230 rupees respectively, a marked reduction from the current market prices. 


It is quite clear in public memory that the introduction of the pre-paid metering system in the state capital was met with much protest but truth be told this initiative was much needed as energy wastage and revenue pilferage has been ubiquitous. Not just citizens but government departments too are equally guilty of not paying electricity bills on time. Metering of electricity has ensured its judicious use and minimum waste.  

The world today is driven by energy. As population booms, so is the demand for energy. But production of additional or increased quantity of energy is obviously not an easy task. It involves both huge expenditure as well as a long gestation period.

Reducing energy consumption is the answer, a feat many developed countries have managed to ace— they have been able to do so by applying simple housekeeping measures and using energy efficient technologies.

Various surveys conducted have shown that there is great scope for substan­tial reduction in energy consumption in India in all the sectors like industry, transport, agriculture, or household. It is estimated that 10-15 % energy can be saved by adopting simple housekeeping measures and another 15-20% can be saved by introducing changes in the design of the plants or equipment.

Above all, there is an urgent need to change our attitude towards wastage of energy. It should become a habit with the people whether working in offices or at home to check and conserve energy.

When it comes to energy every ampere counts—energy saved is energy generated.

Kenter Joya Riba

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