26th Oct 2022 10:10:PM Editorials
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The ill preparedness and helplessness of the capital administration was on full public display on early Tuesday morning as a massive fire engulfed the Naharlagun daily market.
The chain of events involving the fire and emergency services was a comedy of errors resulting in aggravating the tragedy. The fire station is adjacent to the daily market and a better response mechanism could have saved the fire from engulfing the entire market. Over 700 shops burnt to ashes, at the state’s oldest market, barely a few metres away. How shameful is that?!
Allegation that there were no personnel on duty at the fire station when the fire first started and that the fire tender which arrived at the spot was out of water is unacceptable and highly condemnable. Due to lack of water filling facility at Fire Station Naharlagun, the fire tenders got the refilling done at a private facility of Lekhi Iron Factory which is at a distance of around 5 kms from the site of the incident. 
It is utter failure on the part of the government that it did not set up minimum infrastructure required for fire fighting — such as water filling points. Simply inaugurating “token” fire stations serves nothing.
 One would think that, the district administration would be on high alert given that the night prior Diwali was celebrated. Incidents of fire mishaps is commonplace during the festivities and otherwise also the fire services department must be on the ready at all times to respond to the needs and challenges of the populated capital complex region.
There is much that the authorities need to answer for dereliction of duty and the government on the lack of minimum infrastructure requirement at a crucial fire station. Suspension of officials is a knee-jerk reaction to calm public sentiment but solves nothing. 

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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