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Chief Minister Pema Khandu in a surprising move, announced to recommend Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) enquiry into the paper leak controversy of the AE (Civil) examination conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission.
Even more surprising is the fact that the chief minister announced it while on a field visit, not before, during or after a cabinet meeting.
Not long ago, not just his cabinet colleagues but the CM also refused to recommend several multi crore graft charges against his government stating that CBI is a central body. If they want to come, he will welcome the  CBI otherwise he on his own will not invite them. 
Two, shortly the Home Minister too held a press brief, really in brief, reiterating the decision but he came unprepared without any documents. This seem like an attempt to appease the restlessness of the youths. 
Recall, in December 2017, the then Pema Khandu government made announcement to recommend PDS case for CBI enquiry at the height of political activities led by Takam Pario. That was a veiled threat to Pario who happened to be a PDS contractor.  That case was never recommended. 
Effectively, “CBI” here could be a farce to cool down the temperature,  just as it happened then. 
Three, will the government announce terms of reference/ scope of the proposed CBI investigation? Will this confine to the current examination or will this be for the entire examinations conducted under the current chairmanship including 2018 fiasco or will this be for the entire tenure of the arrested Deputy Secretary? Will the CBI investigate all the immediate and extended family members of the Commission Chairman, Members,  Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and likewise who successfully cleared examinations conducted by the Commission? 
Even before that,  will the CBI take up the case ?  Usually, the CBI avoids such matters for the lack of adequate manpower. That too, it will take the CBI two to six months to process the file to make such a decision. Case in point is: Tongam Rina shooting case. 
Let the signed cabinet recommendations  be public so that we know how far and wide this investigation would go and the time frame to conclude the investigation.
Zero tolerance should have meant immediate suspension of all the members and staffers including Chairman. Word “zero tolerance” has lost its meaning: SK Jain (IAs) an accused in APSSB Scam has been reinstated! 2018 APPSCE  Scam has been brushed under the carpet. Illegal appointments are being made in Raj Bhavan and CMO using via media.
Even this recommendation has come after rumour market has been flooded with an apparent leaked report of the on-going police investigation of Akhilesh Yadav, the teacher from JEJU Coaching Institute. 
Remember, Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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